The Adventures of the Onyx Daggers

Two Tower Girls, One Thief

After a previous defeat by Tower Girls, the Onyx Daggers wanted to redeem themselves as adventurers. With some new intelligence on the Tower Girls’ hideout, the team rents a boat and prepares to storm the beached encampment. After a quiet approach at sea, the thief tries to continue the trend on land.

As Jäger leads his companions through the disheveled headquarters, he encounters three Tower Girls posted behind a table with crossbows drawn. Using a bit of tact and a whole lot of charm, the thief manages to walk away unscathed and head back towards his party. The entire team then rushes the entrenched Tower Girls like ravenous wolves. Sessel leads the assault for St. Cuthbert and receives two piercing shots for his effort. Seeing his companion hurt, Milos rushes towards the table with his thirsty bastard sword. Monroe, keeping his distance from the brunt of the assault, fires an arrow and a Magic Missile. The first nicks one of the Tower Girls cheeks while the second singes their makeshift cover.

The Tower Girls, focusing on a more defensive strategy, throw a Smoke Stick into the room. Dogan, knowing he can do nothing from his current position, attempts to hop over the table only to stumble and fall. As the smoke fills the room and the cleric receives more arrows to the chest, the Tower Girls flee back into their hideout. The Onyx Daggers attempt to break the obstacle in front of them, but after several questionable blows decide to push the table forward. The thief hops over the table, trying to show up the monk as best as he can, and heads down the hallway to scout out the area. Along his route, the thief triggers a trip wire and narrowly avoids a nasty acid bath. The team continues down the hallway until they reach an apparent dead end. The thief, using his Elvin racial ability with astounding success, manages to find a secret door leading to a rope bridge.

Without waiting for his party to join him, the thief moves along the bridge and is met by two Tower Girls brandishing crossbows. In an odd moment of bravery and courage, the thief stabs one of the Tower Girls with his dagger before being knocked unconscious. The rest of the Onyx Daggers arrive on a hostage situation and have no choice, but to make a concession or two. The team agrees to do the Tower Girls two favors in exchange for the thief and Natalia. In order to ensure their compliance, a mage for the Tower Girls casts a Geas spell on the party. The first things they require is for the Onyx Daggers to venture into a dungeon underneath their compound and clear it of any monsters that dwell there. Will the Onyx Daggers survive the dungeon or will their string of defeats continue?

The Goblin Gala at the Glassworks

After resting from the Goblin Raid at the Swallowtail Festival and meeting with various public officials like the Sheriff, The Onyx Daggers splits up much to the enjoyment of the DM, with Sessel, Milos, and Dogan staying at their abode, while Jager (umlaut on the “a”) and the ever fabulous Monroe Valentino head out on the town. Which of course means they went to the Grinning Griffin to drink. Soon after arriving, a man who appears drunk barges in, yelling at the supes hot waitress Ameiko Kaijitsu. This turns out to be her father, Lonjiku, who despises the life choices his daughter made and demands that she return home. Jager (umlaut on the “a”), not enjoying the disturbance and Monroe, hoping to score brownie points with the girl with daddy issues (his favorite kind of girl), come to the verbal defense of Ameiko. After a brutal battle of words, Lonjiku storms off after realizing that he’s lost. Jager (umlaut on the “a”) and Monroe take this time to tend to the emotionally distressed Ameiko, at which point Dogan, still in the house, feels the urge to shake his head in disappointment, and he does (thrice, to be exact). Later in the afternoon, Jager (umlaut on the “a”) and Monroe are joined by their fellow Daggers, and continue drinking, though Dogan drinks a bit less than the others. During their ale consumption, Aldern Foxglove comes by and rewards the group with 15 gp, lamenting over the death of his dog, and unsatisfied by the way Monroe ‘sploded the goblin’s dog with one arrow as retribution. Eventually, they all return home AS A SINGLE GROUP.

The next morning, The Onyx Daggers are awoken by the sounds of someone or something pounding on their door (except Monroe, he was busy pounding one out). Dogan cautiously opens the door, with Jager (umlaut on the “a”) at the ready in case things go sour. The visitor turns out to be a maid of Ameiko’s, who has come to tell the Daggers of her gone missing, and to deliver a note found on her bed, telling Ameiko to visit the Glassworks during the night. After a bit more talk and huge restraint on Monroe’s part to let her leave untouched, the Daggers set out to find out what happened to Ameiko AS A SINGLE GROUP.

During the uneventful travel to the Glassworks, Dogan and Jager (umlaut on the “a”) were diligently checking for traps every 5 seconds or so. When they reached the Glassworks, the group split up (because the DM obviously needed more work to do). Jager (umlaut on the “a”), went around the building one way, eventually finding his way onto the roof). Dogan, Monroe, Milos, and Sessel remained for a few minutes before Milos checked out the front door (without checking for traps like the stupid fighter he is). This door turned out to be unlocked, which the group deemed to be “Sketchy as Fuck”, and so they went around the building in the opposite direction of Jager’s (umlaut on the “a”) path.

While on the roof, Jager (umlaut on the “a”) moves silently to each of the glass domes on top of the Glassworks, and nearly breaks on because he is so fat (or the glass on the Glassworks building is of very poor quality, you decide). At one dome, he sees a man covered in glass, as if it had been poured over him while alive, and Jager (umlaut on the “a”) recognizes the man as Lonjiku. Jager (umlaut on the “a”) also notices that there are a large number of goblins who appear to be having quite the time around Lonjiku’s transparent tomb. After this discovery (and when the DM reveals that the dome will soon break if Jager (umlaut on the “a”) does not get off) he heads back to join the rest of the party.

After a short distance around the building, Dogan and friends find a door that is locked, much to the relief of the party. They attempt to break through the door (because subtlety is only in the thief’s vocabulary). As it turns out, it takes a few hits before the door gives way into an… empty room. Fortunately, there are a number of doors for the party to check, and they manage to break one more open before they are joined by Jager (umlaut on the “a”).

It is at this point that the Gods decide to collectively shit on Sessel and Milos (for reasons unknown to the group).

Jager (umlaut on the “a”) reveals to the group what he saw, and as the group approaches another door. Beyond the door comes a large amount of noise, which Jager (umlaut on the “a”) confirms is where the goblins he saw are partying. The Daggers formulate a plan on how they wish to deal with the goblins, and decide on Jager (umlaut on the “a”) to again leave the room and travel down the hall to another door which also leads into the room with the goblins. Using his advanced lockpicking skills, Jager (umlaut on the “a”) manages to unlock and slam open the door, followed immediately by the remaining Daggers storming through the first door, surprising the goblin gang inside.

(Surprise Round)

Immediately after the doors open, Monroe, who definitely pulled out his short bow before opening the door, steps in, exclaiming “‘Sup Bitches!", and fires an arrow at the nearest goblin, an insta-kill, and thrusts his pelvis at the now dead body. Jager (umlaut on the “a”) also manages to kill a goblin right away, though not in a fashion as spectacular as Monroe’s. Dogan even manages to wound one of the goblins at this time. However, Milos and Sessel (being shat on by the Gods), make no such amazing moves, and simply walk into the room.
(End Surprise Round)

During the ensuing combat, Monroe, Jager (umlaut on the “a”), and Dogan all manage to do work. However, Sessel managed to get hit with an empty glass vial (as did Monroe and Jager (umlaut on the “a”)), and was temporarily blinded by the shattered glass that resulted (while Monroe and Jager (umlaut on the “a”) had no such problem, most likely because the Gods were shitting all over Sessel to blind him as well). Milos, also subject to God shittery, managed be entirely useless. Shortly after, Sessel was no longer blind and managed to get his first hit and kill in the battle (though it was on a goblin that both Jager (umlaut on the “a”) and Monroe had already hit). However, this would be his only kill for this part of the battle.

Thanks to Sessel’s and Milos’ poor performance, two of the Goblins managed to escape the initial confrontation, one of which called for reinforcements, specifically calling for Tsuto, who was mentioned in the note given to the Daggers by the maid earlier that day. During the brief calm before the reinforcements arrived, Dogan shattered the glass surrounding the now dead Lonjiku, and Monroe (who is staggered) attempted to loot him, to no avail. Jager (umlaut on the “a”) moved on closer to the group, finding no decent place to hide, while Sessel hid behind the door like a true warrior and Milos again stood still.

As reinforcements arrived, the goblins deem it a good idea to enter the room one at a time. Monroe, being the badass archer he is, one-shotted the first goblin to walk through, Jager (umlaut on the “a”) did the same for the second, and both teamed up to finish off the third goblin. Then Tsuto issued a challenge to Dogan, after firing an arrow and scoring a hit. After a short exchange of words, an enraged Tsuto rushed forward to finish off Dogan.

Unfortunately for Dogan, Milos (who was flanking Tsuto with Dogan) failed to properly wield his weapon, and failed to prevent Tsuto from knocking Dogan unconscious. Adding insult to injury, Tsuto immediately after knocked out Milos (If it’s not obvious, Milos and Sessel aren’t doing too well). Sessel believes that this is the perfect opportunity to slam the door he’s hiding behind shut, and foolishly rushes forward to meet Tsuto in battle. Following in the footsteps of his half-brother, Sessel manages to nearly be knocked unconscious, were it not for Monroe’s goddamn amazing bow skills scoring a critical hit on Tsuto followed by a direct hit by Jager (umlaut on the “a”) knocking Tsuto himself unconscious.

After the survivors manage to stabilize their compatriots and Tsuto, Jager (umlaut on the “a”) and Sessel venture deeper into the structure, returning with maps as well as an unconscious and bound/gagged Ameiko (who is lucky Monroe didn’t find her first). Monroe also decides to arm himself with the composite shortbow wielded by Tsuto, because America. The survivors collect any other gear deemed valuable, and headed back to the house with the unconscious bodies in tow, garnering many a weird look by the townsfolk.

After resting for sufficient time for all the party to return to full health, Ameiko is informed of her father’s death, and allowed to leave the house. However, Tsuto is instead brought to the Room of Truth, and interrogated, providing valuable information to the Daggers, such as the purpose of the goblin raid and plans on a larger future raid. After the interrogation, Dogan, Sessel, and Milos head out into town to try and find an authority figure to help in matters as well as visit the shops to sell old equipment and purchase health potions, leaving Tsuto along with Monroe and Jager (umlaut on the “a”)…

The Swallowtail Festival
"What would happen if I threw a torch at that cart?"

The Onyx Daggers had some time to kill after meeting with Sheila and before the beginning of the Swallowtail Festival, so while Jäger, Dogan and Sessel headed back to the party’s house, Milos and Monroe headed to the local “House of ill repute”.

After meeting with Tina and Lucia, and after spending 2 gold to ensure that nothing untoward came home with them, the two worn out proprietors headed home to complete preparations for the festival.

The Onyx Daggers joined other members of the Maze in front of the Temple of Pelor as the opening speeches began. Sheriff Hemlock started out by warning all of the dangers of getting out of control and cautioned the festival-goers to not be too rowdy and to be respectful of others. He then introduced Lonjiku Kaijitsu, who was unable to make the festival due to being sick. Father Zantus was introduced as the last speaker and after giving a history of the myths behind the festival, a wagonload of Swallowtail butterflies was released into the neighborhood. Father Zantus then detonated a thunderstone, signalling the start of the festivities.

As the crowd cheered, a mangy dog wandered to the front of the crowd, bloody and clearly hurt. After reaching the steps of the Temple of Pelor, he let out a whine and collapsed, dead. To add to the confusion and terror, screams erupted throughout the neighborhood and 6 goblins soon burst from the wagon where they were concealed.

With innocent bystanders panicking and rushing to safety, the Onyx Daggers had a difficult time reaching the goblins. The goblins used this delay to cut down anyone who was in their path, whether they be women, children or the elderly. As the crowd thinned (because the townspeople both fled and were cut down), the adventurers captured the attention of the goblins. While the goblins did pose a threat to the Onyx Daggers, they were the least of the party’s problems. Having quickly run out of spells, Monroe attempted to smash one of the goblins with his quarterstaff. Instead, he cracked his staff across the back of Sessel, breaking his staff in half and injuring the cleric. While this seemed like a dire turn of events, things soon got worse as Milos, the skilled fighter of the Onxy Daggers, decided to make things more challenging for himself by throwing his sword into a nearby alleyway.

It was a good thing that Dogan was able to channel his inner chi and dish out some major damage to the attacking goblins.

In an attempt to redeem himself, and showing some inspired genius, Milos grabbed a nearby torch and hurled it toward the cart, where three goblin archers were slowly finding their marks against the adventures. But the best laid plans often don’t work out the way we wish, and Milos‘s throw came up short, landing in front of the cart. With the help of Jäger’s ability to hide and because Monroe was able to overcome his previous debacle and contribute with his bow, the Onyx Daggers began to gain the upper hand against the Goblins. Sessel recovered from the unexpected attack by Monroe and was able to assist Dogan in eliminating the goblins who were engaged in melee, while Milos attempted to find another torch to hurl at the cart of Goblins.

This time the torch landed in the cart, causing the Goblins to flee, much to the delight of Jäger as he shot them in the back as they ran.

Shortly after clearly the threat from the steps of the Temple of Pelor, a large explosion rattled the neighborhood. There would be no rest for the Onyx Daggers, as the Goblins ambush continued throughout the Maze.

Rushing toward the explosion, the Onyx Daggers rounded the corner to witness a giant bonfire and a handful of Goblins. Much to their surprise, two of the Goblins seemed to be more than mere grunts, as they began to sing while engaging the party. After dispatching the goblin raiders, the Onyx Daggers looted the bodies and planned for rest, but it was not meant to be, as they were soon interrupted by a nearby scream.

Aldern Foxglove had been cornered by a raiding party led by a Goblin Commando riding a war dog. Before the Onyx Daggers were able to stop it, one of the Goblins grabbed Aldern’s dog and slit its throat. Battle was engaged and Aldern was on the verge of becoming the latest Goblin casualty, when Jäger, in a moment of tactical brilliance, launched a perfect shot that skewered the goblin as he raised his sword for the killing blow.

In his relief, Aldern Foxglove promised a reward if the Onyx Daggers would meet him the next day at the Grinning Griffin Inn.

With the sounds of fighting dying down, the Onyx Daggers gathered to decide what to do next.

The Obsidian Daggers Arrive in Duleb Thar
"Sorry about the damage to the conference room..."

The Onyx Daggers first meet to discuss the plan that they have for once they move to the city of Duleb Thar. Many rumors surrounding the existing factions and about the city of Duleb Thar itself.

After deciding to not only seek treasure, but also to take down organized crime, the Onyx Daggers moved to Duleb Thar and immediately began to customize their house to their liking. Having been granted a sizeable house in the Slums and 20,000 gold pieces to renovate, the Onyx Daggers first secured their basement with a trap door, a heavy lock and an arcane rune to keep out all but the party members.

Adding a Room of Reading, a Room of Identification and a Hall of Truth, the Onyx Daggers began to settle in to their new surroundings.

Early in the afternoon of their first day in Duleb Thar, a street urchin knocked on the front door and gave Dogan an invitation to the Swallowtail Festival that would be taking place later that evening, sponsored by the Temple of Pelor and Father Zantus.

Shortly after the street urchin delivered the invitation, Milos was telepathically visited. After the initial panic, the unexpected mental visitor explained that her name was Sheila and that she was in need of the help of the Onyx Daggers, mainly because she needed her task completed discreetly and no one had any idea who the Onyx Daggers were. Yet.

She asked the adventurers to meet her at the Inn of the Grinning Griffin, which they soon did.

As the Onyx Daggers arrived, Sheila had to quickly step out to meet with a client of hers. Apologizing for the inconvenience, Sheila left the Onyx Daggers with a paradox box, asking them to figure out its riddle while she takes care of her business. She left clues and instructions with the adventurers, asking them not to smash the box as a way of opening it.

After puzzling out the riddle of the box, the Onyx Daggers were indeed surprised when two Pugwampis sprouted from the box. As the adventurers sought to subdue these mischievous imps, chaos ensued. Milos, in his attempt to kill the Pugwampis instead shattered numerous chairs and allowed one of the imps to shatter a lantern, starting a fire. Dogan did manage to kill one of the Pugwampis, but not before taking out his ill luck on a number of dishes. Jager managed to completely miss a flying grapple and ended up prone with a Pugwampis on his back. Sessel, while trying to put out one of the many fires, actually managed to fan the flames, making them larger. And even Monroe managed to smash some dishes as he sought to end one of the imps with his quarterstaff.

Sheila returned just in time to see the massive carnage that was created by the Onyx Daggers and the Pugwampis. After clearly judging the adventurers, she explained the real reason that she had contacted them. It appears that one of her double agents, Natalya, has recently gone missing after contacting Sheila to tell her that she had found an item of great value in the gang that she had infiltrated, the Tower Girls.

The Onyx Daggers have agreed to track her down, following a series of leads, and bring her back to Sheila.

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