The Adventures of the Onyx Daggers

Two Tower Girls, One Thief

After a previous defeat by Tower Girls, the Onyx Daggers wanted to redeem themselves as adventurers. With some new intelligence on the Tower Girls’ hideout, the team rents a boat and prepares to storm the beached encampment. After a quiet approach at sea, the thief tries to continue the trend on land.

As Jäger leads his companions through the disheveled headquarters, he encounters three Tower Girls posted behind a table with crossbows drawn. Using a bit of tact and a whole lot of charm, the thief manages to walk away unscathed and head back towards his party. The entire team then rushes the entrenched Tower Girls like ravenous wolves. Sessel leads the assault for St. Cuthbert and receives two piercing shots for his effort. Seeing his companion hurt, Milos rushes towards the table with his thirsty bastard sword. Monroe, keeping his distance from the brunt of the assault, fires an arrow and a Magic Missile. The first nicks one of the Tower Girls cheeks while the second singes their makeshift cover.

The Tower Girls, focusing on a more defensive strategy, throw a Smoke Stick into the room. Dogan, knowing he can do nothing from his current position, attempts to hop over the table only to stumble and fall. As the smoke fills the room and the cleric receives more arrows to the chest, the Tower Girls flee back into their hideout. The Onyx Daggers attempt to break the obstacle in front of them, but after several questionable blows decide to push the table forward. The thief hops over the table, trying to show up the monk as best as he can, and heads down the hallway to scout out the area. Along his route, the thief triggers a trip wire and narrowly avoids a nasty acid bath. The team continues down the hallway until they reach an apparent dead end. The thief, using his Elvin racial ability with astounding success, manages to find a secret door leading to a rope bridge.

Without waiting for his party to join him, the thief moves along the bridge and is met by two Tower Girls brandishing crossbows. In an odd moment of bravery and courage, the thief stabs one of the Tower Girls with his dagger before being knocked unconscious. The rest of the Onyx Daggers arrive on a hostage situation and have no choice, but to make a concession or two. The team agrees to do the Tower Girls two favors in exchange for the thief and Natalia. In order to ensure their compliance, a mage for the Tower Girls casts a Geas spell on the party. The first things they require is for the Onyx Daggers to venture into a dungeon underneath their compound and clear it of any monsters that dwell there. Will the Onyx Daggers survive the dungeon or will their string of defeats continue?


thomas_saul79 thomas_saul79

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